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Trees and Mountains


The Council is a group of volunteers, serving to organize and conduct
the VN weekends, as well as provide Fourth Day activities.

Chairman                         Brett Ellington

Spiritual Director             Josh Cheresnick

Men's Leader                   TJ Langston

Women's Leader             Julie Carter

Secretary                          Mallory Ellington

Treasurer                          Sarah Roberts

Palanca                             Elise Nichols &

                                           Katherine Kohl

Kitchen/Food                   Lauren King &

                                           Brianna Heath

Pre-Weekend                   Amy & Warren Caylor

Weekend                          Andie and Kevin Stacy 

Post-Weekend                 Daniel &

                                           Jordan Kinnard

Communications            Bethy Pereira-Findley

Database                         Cole Knight

Web Site                           Liz Hewett

Information about
VN Communities 
          Anson Fields

Underlined positions on the left are email links to the persons in those positions. If you have any input, comments, or questions please contact the proper Council members at their email addresses.

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