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Before you sponsor a candidate on a VN weekend, first consider these things:

Vida Nueva is a youth weekend which concentrates closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. VN explores basic Christian beliefs to provide those who attend the weekend a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they share His love in a dynamic way. A VN weekend empowers teenagers to become Christian Leaders in their community of influence.

Before you approach a potential candidate, please pray for God to instruct you in the way to approach them and to give you the proper words to say. If you are not the candidate's parent, also pray about how to approach the parents.

When a person has expressed an interest, take time to explain the purpose of Vida Nueva. Who should attend a VN weekend:

  • A Christian wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • A person at least 15 years of age and no older than 20 years of age by the first day of the weekend.

  • Consider sponsoring your friends, family members and youth in your church youth group. You do not have to be related to them to be their sponsor.

What am I committing to when I sponsor someone?

  • Submit the VN application.

  • Ensure the $100 weekend fee. It is not your responsibility to pay for your candidate – talk to your candidate and their parents about it. And if $ is an obstacle, let us know and we can work with you to find a scholarship.

  • Palanca:

    1. Letter

    2. Oven

    3. Prayer

    4. General palanca

  • Getting your candidate to the Camp for the weekend.

  • Attending Serenade.

  • Attending Closing and getting your candidate home.

When you sponsor someone, you will receive more detailed info on your sponsorship responsibilities. And if you need help with any of these responsibilities, just let us know! We take being a sponsor seriously, but we don’t want any of these responsibilities to get in your way of sponsoring a candidate



Email applications are processed in the order received.  If you submit an email application, return communications will be sent by email unless you otherwise specify. If you use the online email application, you must still mail, or bring to send-up a signed copy of the above PDF application.

Click here to download and application to print:

Completed applications should be mailed to the address on the application.If you are not able to obtain an application here, you may request that one be mailed toyou by contacting

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