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We all remember what palanca meant to us on our weekend. To some of us it meant unconditional love from people we didn't know, and to some it helped to change the hardest heart into a loving and forgiving heart. Your gifts of palanca for this weekend may be God's way for you to minister to the candidates.

Here are some ways you can participate:

  1. Prayer Palanca: Whatever else may happen to support a VN weekend, prayer is the most important element.  The fact that someone is praying around the clock is first and foremost in the ways you can support the team and candidates.  

  2. Conference Room Palanca (Total 50): This can be containers for six tables or 50 individual items. Be sure to include some extras, as sometimes things break and need to be replaced or we have more than 36 candidates. [36 candidates, plus 12 professors, plus 1 for Director and 1 for Youth Director = 50]

  3. Pillow Palanca (Candidates 36, Team 75): Please be sure that there is one for each candidate plus a couple of extra. We do not put out any "individual" bed palanca for candidates and if there's not enough, it cannot be put out. You may give individual bed palanca to a team member or members, or you may wish to give palanca to each team member.

  4. Kitchen Palanca (Total 115): This is for the dining tables at meals. This palanca should be given to the Head Kitchen Chas to be used as needed.

  5. Banners: Banners may be "theme" banners or a banner of your choice. They should be no larger than three feet wide by five feet long (3' x 5'). Please give banners to the Palanca Chas with instructions and/or a note regarding when to present them if you have a preference.

  6. There will be Palanca Chas at Send-off to receive the palanca you have to give.




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